People are so used to couches in their lounge and many still have that standard design. The standard look that we all are used to seeing consists of either a 3 seater couch and a 2 seater couch; or a L-shaped couch, then there’s a TV stand and the rest of the furniture in that room.

Nowadays things have changed. Contemporary designs are all the rage so a lot of people have different ideas for their lounge. Most people have only two couches in their space with a bean bag. It is a very informal set up, but if it is done right it can look very stylish as well as welcoming. A lovely place to just relax and chill with a few friends. An interesting idea is to have a L-shaped lounger with a hammock. This is a lovely modern idea especially when you have an open room that has a lot of light through the day. It gives the room a comfortable holiday home feeling. The only thing with having people over to visit is that everyone will wants to lay in the hammock.

A lounge chair is one of the most common furniture pieces that people get for their homes in this day and age. No matter what design you have in your home these chairs can enhance the look and feel of your space. It is a good idea to either have it the same colour as the other furniture, or to have it as a neutral colour that blends in well with the rest of the colours in your home. You can also have one of these chairs in your bedroom.

Another interesting option that is trending is the wingback chair. This is the one that has the high back and the bold armrests. They are usually upholstered in are either a velvet or suede material or a heavy fabric. If you find a second hand one you can have it reupholstered as you wish when you take it a professional furniture upholsterer. So it’s up to you to choose a new colour that will add some style to your room. These are usually paired with the normal two seater couches; so you can have two of those and a wingback chair together in the same space. The amount and size of furniture in one room should be determined by the size of the room. Try not to add too much into one space, because that give the feeling of a clustered and overwhelming place for your guests.

The other lounger that you could have in your home is a chaise (it looks like a fancy day bed). These ones are good to have in your space when you have one normal couch on the side of the room and then the chaise on the other end of the room. This is good to have when there a lot of sunlight in the space or a lovely big window . You would usually place the chaise by the window where the sun shines through. Your guests will love visiting just to lay in the sun and relax while having good conversations with them. Or you and your family can just have a nice movie day together. Good luck deciding who will be laying on the chaise when you have the movie day. If you really just want to spoil yourself you can lay there and read a book. These chairs can be in your bedroom as well.

You can get all these furniture’s upholstered to suit the look and feel of your home. Depending on the material it should be easy to keep them clean as well. Have fun designing the lounge that you want and will have fun spending time with family and friends in.

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