Truth be told upholstering headboards is becoming the latest trend in the upholstery world. Some may think it’s easier to just go and purchase a bedroom set and there is nothing more to consider, however this could be far from the truth. There are many things to consider when you’re looking for the perfect headboard for your bedroom. The first thing to consider is choosing the best material. Material and comfortability are truly important factors in my opinion. Style is also important to me and being able to find a material that provides an added touch to your room decor is also very important.

If you’re anything like me I enjoy watching television in my bedroom from the comfort of my bed so a material that would be comfortable to my back is also another important factor in my decision. Something on the lines of a house velvet, pure cotton and faux suede would be ideal if you’re looking for something soft. Or if you’re looking for a modern look then linen and leather would be a great choice. Nevertheless, there are many styles of fabric to choose from when considering starting your upholstery project. When choosing your fabric, you should consider selecting a good and reliable padding and foam. In lieu with all of the particulars, you will also want to keep in mind that you will have to determine the size and cut before starting your project.

Will the headboard support the bed frame of an adult bedroom or a child’s room is another determining factor? Making sure that you have all the materials needed to create the perfect look would prove to be beneficial. Gathering items such as scissors, fabric, padding and foam, staple gun and muslin to name a few. Now if you are looking to change the shape to give it a sleeker and more detailed look this is when you will consider getting yourself a handsaw and sandpaper. When I upholstered my first headboard, I got many ideals from searching on the internet and seeing images in a magazine. They have a lot of DIY tips and really gave me a starting point and amazing ideas. I really had a lot of fun and didn’t realise upholstery was so easy. This can be done alone or as a family project.

It is more fun to do it yourself and when doing it yourself it creates more family time. But if you and your family are not the DIY type then it is better to find a good upholstery store. Most of these stores have all the material that you are looking for and they specialise in this field. So you cannot go wrong by getting your headboards custom designed from one of these stores, and for an affordable price. But before getting started make sure you have a clear picture of what you want, gather your materials, plan a few hours out of your day and enjoy above all us. Or get yourself to the nearest store and present to them all your creative ideas, have fun!

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