Cleaning leather chairs is vital for the upkeep of leather. A normal cleaning routine will help keep your leather chairs elegant and luxurious for many years to come. It is very easy to care for leather chairs but you have to be careful as you cannot clean them the same way you clean fabric. Proper cleaning supplies for leather chairs are vital especially if you are dealing with any types of stains or just plain basic wear.

Firstly, you will obviously want to determine the type of leather that your chairs are made of. Upholstery leather is a bit different compared to other types of material. Your chair may have some tags attached to it that will include manufacturer details. This will give you information on the leather type. It will also let you know the types of products not to use on your leather chairs that can potentially harm them. Obviously you will want to pay special attention to problem areas on your chairs.

Basic household supplies are perfect for cleaning leather upholstery. You can clean upholstery with only regular soap and water. A mild liquid soap will do the trick for most types of leather upholstery. Instead of using tap water, consider using distilled water. Tap water contains contaminants that may damage your beautiful chairs. You can start off by testing a small area on the chair first before you clean the entire chair just to see what type of reaction you get. If no damage is done, continue with your cleaning method. Once you have used both soap and water to clean the chairs, you can repeat that same process using just distilled water this time. You will then want to take a third rag to dry the chairs.

If you have any stains on your chairs, you can try using a little bit of baking soda to treat them. Baking soda is particularly good for grease stains. Rubbing alcohol will work wonders for any ink stains on your leather chairs. Cream of tartar and lemon juice is a great mixture to try for any discolorations on leather chairs. If regular soap and water doesn’t work, mixing olive oil and vinegar is a great solution to cleaning leather chairs.

Baby wipes are another method used to clean leather chairs. This can be used as a rather quick method to wipe up any built up residue or gunk. You can use baby wipes to wipe off any stain that has just taken place because it will be easier to remove it at the moment it occurred. If the stain has been there for a while then baby wipes won’t necessarily work so then you will need to use the cleaning products. If there are any marker stains on your chairs, try using hairspray.

The best part about cleaning leather chairs is that you don’t have to order any special leather cleaning products, although they may be a great alternative. There are various home methods that will work perfectly fine on your furniture upholstery.

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