Modern day hotels are filled with beautiful features and decor that give the hotel guest a feeling of importance. When the guest enters the hotel they feel like a VIP and this first impression is achieved by how the hotel’s interior decorator designs the entrance and foyer. This VIP feeling that the guest experiences should be carried through to the hotel rooms.

The foyer and reception area would be decorated with a range of furniture that appeals to the interest of the guest. It is imperative that as the interior decorator of the hotel you create a space that is unique to that specific hotel. It should be extraordinary in its own way. For a unique touch you can opt to reupholster the couches and chairs in the foyer and reception area so that it ties in with the decorative look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re going for the glamorous look then bold colours and gold could be attractive and stylish. Selecting an upholstery fabric that incorporates these colours can add that touch of glamour. If you really want to stand out you could have your furniture custom made for the reception area by a furniture manufacturer. While in the waiting area your guests will notice the unique style of the furniture and they may even have a seat on the interestingly designed couch. This first impression will go a long way in the mind of that guest.

Hotels are obviously in the business of room rentals and each room requires a set of furniture. A good way to give the hotel rooms an interesting edge is to have elegantly and uniquely designed headboards; a style that no other hotel room has. In other words, a design that your guests have not seen elsewhere. Consider what type of style and colours you want for the bedroom headboard. Prepare your design and take it to a furniture manufacturer to bring your design to life. A sofa and chairs are also needed for a comfortable stay. As the interior decorator you can also have creative fun with these furniture pieces. If the hotel room already has these furniture pieces then you could have these items reupholstered to suit the design of the hotel. A newly upholstered sofa and chairs will look like new furniture which will create another positive impression with the guest. They will notice that the hotel spends much time in the care of the furniture so they probably treat their guests with the same dedicated time. A guest always wants to know that they are important. So the hotel staff has to be available all the time so that they feel special while they’re staying in your hotel. It doesn’t matter how many people are staying in the hotel they want to know that that the hotel staff cares about their comfort and their overall experience.

Create a beautiful space in the hotel that carries through from the foyer all the way to each room. Give each guest an experience they will never forget and that will have them returning for another stay next time.

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