The look and feel of your bedroom are especially important because that is the space you rest in after a long day; besides having a long hot bath or shower. It is good to have a neutral colour for the walls in the house because you tend to change the furniture in the room regularly. You want people to feel that your bedroom is their goals, in the same breath you sleep in your dream bedroom.

Scatter cushions play a big roll with the look in your bedroom. They either make the bed look fun; depending on the colours and textures you have in your room. Or they make the room look formal and modern with solid colours. The they can also make the room look vintage with the types of materials you use in your room and for the cushions. The cushions should also compliment the other pillows on the bed.

Scatter cushions come in different shapes and sizes. For the fun look and feel in your room it is good to use bold and bright colours. You can have bright pattern material upholstered for them, then it should work perfectly with a solid colour pillowcase. Even if you have fun shapes such as; animals or circles, etc as your cushions, you can have them upholstered if you want to change the pattern on them when you change the bedding. Most of these have beads and sequence on them, but they can be upholstered that way as well according to your specifications.

For a modern look it is better to stay with solid colours on your bedding. The colours of your bedding should compliment each other well. It is good to have continental pillows, standard pillows and rectangular or square scatter pillows on your bed with this design. This will make your bedroom feel and look like a five-star hotel suit. Solid colours such as your greys; browns; blues; pink tones. With this you can easily just use different shades of that palette to make them tie in nicely together. Velvet or suede will be a good material to use in this set up.

The vintage look will have your more subtle palettes with a lot of woven and lace type materials. Your covers will probably be designed form lace material or you will have a woven pillow made/bought to suit the look of the room. These also go with a lot of pillows on the bed, or you can keep it simple and just have your standard pillows and the scatter cushions laid out on the bed. These colours are your browns and cream shades. The decor in your room should also lean more to the vintage side just to give a proper feel when people walk in your room.

There is much you can do when designing your bedroom. You can have a day chair in your bedroom in the corner by the window, or you can have a couch in front of the bed. And even on the chair and the couch you can have your scatter cushions laid out like in the lounge. Its also comfortable to lay or sit with these when you are just relaxing on the chair reading a book or laying on the bed watching a movie. Make sure that your bedrooms tie in with the design of the house throughout, so that when you do a walk through with your guests they will not be confused with your goal for the design.

Get yourself custom designed upholstered scatter cushions for your bedroom, this will make it easier to have your room just the way you like it. Have fun designing your bedroom!

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