Modernising your home has never been easier. Not only is it affordable but it also doesn’t require you to buy new furniture. The secret is repainting and reupholstering.

The stylish trends seem to be reversing into the classic and traditional looks. Wood is a major element to complete this look and you won’t have to get a brand new wooden unit for your computers and large book collection. There are paints and adhesive materials that can make the unit as if it is made of wood.

Plants make any room look complete and calm. Leafy plants add more colours to a room and don’t require any other matching colours. You can choose whether you want a tall plant that can be placed in the corner of the study or a small Bonsai to complement the desk top.

Walls no longer need to be vibrant colours for modern trends. You can either choose between the classic, neutral colours or bold colours. This trend allows you to be creative with the colour palette you choose.

Unique lights are a must. Installing a curved designed light on the walls will give you the appearance you are looking for. The light should escape from the top and bottom so that you can see clearly when you are working.

Trimmings of the room should be a colour on their own. The trimmings include the legs of the tables or chairs, frames, light accents, electronics and handles. This should be either a dark colour such as black or chocolate brown or a light colour such as white or silver.

Art went out of style for a while because designers felt it was old fashioned. Then, interesting and simple concepts were discovered. These modern conceptual paintings and drawings don’t distract a person too much whilst they are working and it is ideal for any style of study.

Reupholstering your office chair to look like a classic study chair will complete the new fresh look. Upholsterers will be able to suggest a material that will suit the style you have in mind. The classic study chair was either a deep red with subtle patterns or emerald green that brought out the sophistication of the room.

Important and practical factors to consider when redesigned the study include keeping carpets away from rolling chairs as the wheels don’t glide over carpets easily and could cause you to fall backwards. The computer screen should not be facing the window because the light will reflect on the screen making it more difficult to see. In addition, the light could increase the temperature and cause the computer to overheat.

We can bring your old furniture back to life by reupholstering your favourite furniture. If you have an old suite the chances are the frame will be very strong and sturdy and unlike some of the modern offerings where they have cut on quality to save money and where the frames can sometimes be weak. Contact us today: Phone: 011 794 3492 | Mobile: 082 900 9099 | Mobile: 084 297 1442 | Email: