Boutiques like wedding gown retailers and fashion retailers have customised furniture requirements that can only be achieved with the eye of a designer. A boutique has a particular image it wants to portray so every aspect of the store is designed with this grand image in mind. So the furniture needs to fit in with the brand.

A boutique will have specific requirements when it comes to furniture. A bridal boutique would have a changing room where customers can try on the different outfits and there would be large mirrors in which to view the fitted outfit. Outside the fitting room it would be ideal to have a customised designed couch where the customer’s mother, sisters, friends or partner could have a seat. From this perspective the entourage could advise the bride on which wedding gown suits them best. This particular set up works best if there are a number of couches that have the same design.

A bridal boutique would have a particular grand style when it comes to the interior of the store. The style would be elegant and minimalistic with the wedding gowns being the main focus. Crisp white colours and bling items would complete the overall look of the bridal boutique. The seating area would be the focal point of the store because this will be where the bride to be will showcase the dresses she’s interested in. If you want the bride to stay longer, her guests need to be comfortably seated. Grand couches designed with elegance and comfort in mind will keep the guests comfortable for longer. Perhaps serve them a few drinks. Maybe this will make them happier and more agreeable. One can only hope for the bride’s sake.

Consider what you want to incorporate in the design. The couch could be white or it could be the colour of your logo. You could add diamante style buttons across the top of the couch for the bling which brides love. It could have a high back to give it a striking appearance that is dramatic and bold. You could have big cushioned arm rests to add to the boldness of the look. Or you could go for something different and maybe design a wider version of a throne. It’s all up to your imagination.

Once you have your design, you can send it to the furniture manufacturer who will show you different swatches from which you can choose the colour and material. Then all you have to do is to wait for the final result. Your vision in reality.