A lot of people enjoy looking at other people’s beautiful homes to get ideas for their own homes. The colours in your home play a big role in the look and feel of the house itself, and what you present on the inside should reflect on the exterior of the home. The style on the inside should complement the outside of the house.

If the outside of your house has a classic or vintage look then inside design should flow with this theme and the same goes for a contemporary house. The most common trending colour for the exterior is grey or white, this gives the impression that your home is modernised on the inside, especially when the design of the house on the outside is modern. A lot of people like yellow on the exterior too. The colour on the outside depends mostly on what you like. Face brick houses, on the other hand, creates an old vintage style look like a country home with a vintage/modern style.

If you have big open spaces in your house then dark colours could work well on the walls. The shades will be enhanced more if they are dark, because there is enough space for the colour to speak for itself without making the space look small. With dark walls it is a good idea to get neutral furniture, this will ensure that the space does not look extremely dark and unwelcoming. The neutral light furniture will give it a warm and welcoming feeling. It will especially look beautiful if you have big windows and a lot of light and fresh air is always coming in. Having dark walls with white linen and pillows will also look contemporary and complement each other well.

In a small space, it is a good idea to have light colours in your home. This will ensure that your home looks more spacious and fresh; but be sure to remember to not clutter up the space when you have a small home. Having light walls on the inside will open up the space more, dark colours will make the place look smaller than it already is. With this you can have neutral colours for your furniture, or you can have another fun colour that will complement the shade that is on the walls. You could have a solid colour on your wall and use patterns or shapes on your furniture. You might consider making use of furniture upholsterers to guide you with the type of material that will suit the design you’re going for.

Remember to keep your bathrooms light at all times, a dark bathroom can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable. Whether you have dark or light colours in your home, you should keep the bathrooms light throughout. Then you can have the colours of your towels and mats to fit in with the rest of the home. It is important to give your house the same look throughout, because it can become confusing not just for your guests but for you as well. Having structure in the decor of your home can create structure for everything else going on around you. You can change it up when you want to and however you want to, to complement how you are feeling at that specific time.

Changing the colours of your space is fun and can be good for you. When it comes to the furniture you can have upholstery done every few years when you change things up. Customising your furniture to suit the environment is the modern way to do design. Sit with your family and discuss how you want to change your home in this new season. Good Luck!

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