The weather plays a big roll in damaging your outdoor furniture, therefore it is good to look after your outdoor furniture regularly. Instead of just cleaning or changing your furniture when you have guests over; pay attention to them every week when the yard gets cleaned. It is a good idea to do upholstery for your outdoor items every two years.

Heavy rains, calm rains and harsh sun can damage your patio cushions. If you do not remove the cushions and put them aside to dry once the rain has stopped, they will stay damp longer and cause mould to form on the material. If the sun is shinning harshly on the pillows it can cause them to discolour, and then they will not look presentable anymore when you have guests over. Therefore, it is a good idea to get patio covers for your chairs. You can have the covers upholstered as well or you can buy new ones after a few years if the current ones get old.

Pool loungers normally have net like material or thin yet strong material or even wood, and mostly plastic as well, this ensures that they dry fast because people normally lay on them after they had a lovely swim. These chairs usually get hot quick when the sun shines directly on them. To prevent heat from both sides it is firstly a good idea to put an outdoor rug under the chairs if they are standing on concrete floor or brick flooring. The rug helps prevent heat from the ground to push up into the chairs, therefore, it helps keep them cool. You can also keep them cool by putting them under the trees. When it stands on the grass under the shade it keeps it acts ass a shade for the grass and therefore will stay cool from the bottom, and the shade from the trees will keep them cool from above. You can lay on these in the sun when you want to get a lovely tan.

Washing them regularly is a good idea as well. You need to wash them because they are standing outside they get dusty quickly. Also when you entertain guests there they may get stains on them from all the food and drinks of the party. You can either wash it by giving it a good rinse with the hose pipe, another way it brushing it with a soft brush and a little water, you can also wipe it down with a damp cloth with a little soap water. The way you wash the cushions depend in the material of them, you should also make sure that you leave them in the sun to dry once you washed them. Leaving the pillows to dry in the sun makes sure that all the bacteria gets killed just like when you wash your clothes.

You can also have an outdoor umbrella over your patio furniture. This makes it better when entertaining your guests because no one will need to sit directly in the sun. When it gets cool you can then close the umbrella and continue relaxing outside with your guests. The shade from the umbrella also helps protect them from burning in the sun. You should clean your umbrella as well because they pick up dust quicker.

Having your patio cushions upholstered is a fun and cost-effective idea for when you are changing the look and feel of your patio or garden. You can have the colours of the materials match with the colours you have incorporated in your garden. If you have a more solid and wood feel to your patio you can have the materials be more neutral. Or you have nature inspired upholstery done.

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