Ottomans are a fun part of the design in your home. They make the living area look complete and they create a welcoming environment for your guests. It is lovely to just lay on the couch after a long day and have the ottoman to rest your feet on. They come in different shapes and sizes as well. Most of them can be used as a storage unit too so this makes it even more exciting to have in your home.

They can damage as quickly as your couches and other furniture in your home though. The most common material used for the ottomans is leather. They also come in a suede and cotton type material. The leather can get scratched and could tear after a few years of use. Most people don’t take their shoes off before putting their feet on the ottoman and that can scratch it. The heel of the shoe can wear the material out and this, then, causes the leather to tear after a while. With faux leather it tends to start shedding after a few years, and this, then, causes a big mess in your house. You will need to sweep all the shredded pieces all day long.

With the suede or cotton type material on the ottoman, it can stain quickly. Stains are not a good thing because it can ruin the look of your whole room’s set up. These stains can form by people spilling a drink on it or messing food on it. Most people use the ottoman to put the serving tray with all the snacks and drinks on; this is a very informal yet casual way of serving your guests. Placing heavy things on it will cause the material to wear out as well, it will eventually get weak, bend and break. You need to ensure that you don’t pack too much on it.

Most people usually pack items on the ottoman and inside it when it can be used as a storage unit. This will usually not stand in your living space. You can put anything from books, toys and even shoes in the unit. This is nice to keep in your room. In your bedroom it can get stained as well, or just break from the inside out depending on what you keep in them. The material can wear out quick when it is used a lot so it’s a good idea to ask your furniture upholsterer what type of material to use which will ensure long term use. You also need to be careful when moving it around because the bottom of it can break, especially when you pull it around instead of picking it up to move it.

A lot of times people wash it and that is a good thing. You need to keep all your furniture fresh and in good shape. Although if you over wash it the material will ware out or if you wash it with a lot of water and do not let it dry properly it can pick up mould; and that is something you do not want. Depending on the material of the ottoman you need to either just wipe it with a damp soap cloth, or you can deep clean wash it and let it dry outside in the sun. When you put your feet on it remember to take your shoes off first.

You can have upholstery done on them when they are damaged. In this case you can change it up with the colours and patterns to suit the look of your home. A fun idea is to have your ottomans match with your scatter cushions on the bed or couch, depending on which room they are in. It is also a good idea to have two or more of these in your living room just in case you have a lot of people over, this can act as a seating place for your guests as well.

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