Tips For Keeping Your Suede Couch Show-Worthy!

Suede couches have been beautiful accessories to many homes of any style forever. If you happen to have one of these gorgeous pieces, knowing how to keep it looking clean and new is vital. We’ll give you some tips on how to keep this furniture upholstery looking (and feeling) as new as the day it was bought. Getting stains out of this fabric is definitely doable, and with ease.

1. Follow the furniture manufacturer directions closely

Following the furniture manufacturer directions is one of the most important tips to keeping your upholstery looking and feeling great. Check the tags for cleaning directions. Most couches will have a tag with cleaning instructions located under one of the cushions or even on the manufacturer website.

2. Hand-wash is the best wash!

When it comes to furniture upholstery, cleaning by hand is the best approach. Taking off the covers of cushions is usually possible, but when washed with harsh detergents it can really shorten the life of a beautiful piece of furniture.

Tackling a stain when it’s wet is the best line of defence for suede, but there is still hope for dry stains! While the stain is still wet, get a damp cloth saturated with white vinegar and dab away. Dabbing the stain is favourable to rubbing it, as rubbing it can force it deep into the fibres of the suede, causing further staining.

The white vinegar won’t damage your suede, so rest assured!

Dry stains are a bit trickier, but don’t fret. Using a simple tool called a suede napping brush, it’s possible to dislodge dried stains and keep your suede looking fresh. Using small, circular motions, brush the suede fabric until the fabric looks new and the stain is no longer visible. If this approach doesn’t work, try dabbing again with the white vinegar or gentle dish soap until the colour returns to normal.

If neither of the above approaches work, it is all right to remove the cover and wash the suede. This should be done by filling a bucket with cold water and carefully soaking the upholstery along with a mild detergent. Pat dry with a towel and then air dry until it is completely dry.

3. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Dirty furniture isn’t always the result of a stain or accident. Sometimes dirt, pet hair, lint, and many other substances can stick due to its velvety texture. The best way to handle this is to use a vacuum. Any kind works, but preferably a vacuum with a hose and lint attachment to pull off any leftover undesirable particles.

4. Try suede cleaner or stone

Although these aren’t the first recommendation because they can harm the lifespan of your suede, if all else fails these can be used as backup.

With the tools and tips given in this article, you can rest easy that your suede can be restored to looking new and beautiful without ruining the quality or spending loads of time and money. Give it a go and keep that piece looking great!

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