A lot of things have changed this year and the restaurant business has had to change and roll with the punches. It’s tough to stay on top of your game or even survive but you have to keep your restaurant relevant and safe. Besides all the usual safety and hygiene protocols you can make a few changes to your restaurant without breaking the bank.

So what can you do to improve the look of your restaurant?

Here are some tips to give your restaurant a new look…

  • Paint the Walls

The easiest and quickest way to give your restaurant a new look is by painting the walls a new colour. A lighter colour will give it a fresh look with a modern style and appeal. Or you could even paint the walls with a few new colours if you’re bold enough. You could paint a focal wall a bright or bold colour like red or blue while you paint the other walls a light shade like cream or white. The contrasting colours will look contemporary and inviting to new and regular customers alike.

  • Change the Furniture

You’re thinking this will cost you a lot. But wait a minute. I’m saying that you can change the furniture, not get new furniture. So you already have the chairs in your restaurant. Give them a new look by reupholstering the seats and the backs of the chairs. A new fabric or material will make them look new while still using the same chairs. Commercial upholstery is becoming very popular lately because it’s a great way to choose the colour you want for your restaurant’s furniture. You have more options of materials, designs and colours to choose from. It’s also quite easy in terms of the pocket versus getting brand new furniture.

  • Add Art on the Walls

Get creative with the process of adding art to your restaurant. When choosing artwork for the walls you can go to a flea market where you can pick up really beautiful pieces of art at the fraction of the cost of those at an art gallery. Or if you or one of your staff members have a good eye for photography you have photos taken of items that are relevant to your menu or theme. For example, you can take close up photos of the meals or drinks that you serve, or you could take photos of your customers laughing and enjoying themselves. Then you can print these photos on canvas and place it on the walls.

  • Use Decorative Ornaments

Art can take the form of artwork on the walls or decorative ornaments. Find large contemporary vases that suit the corporate colours and place large plants in them. Or find eclectic ornaments like ceramic artwork or steelwork (if you have an industrial style).

  • Change the Menu

Literally change the look of the menu. You don’t have to change the meals necessarily but it’s a good idea to redesign your menu and give it a fresh new look that your customers will fall in love with. If you are able to, add a few new meals to the menu too.

If you want to keep up with the competition you have to look good to do so. People love to eat at places that look beautiful and where there is good ambience. The food must be good too because if it’s not they won’t come back. A successful restaurant has a combination of elements that the customer enjoys and falls in love with. And remember it must be clean and hygienic too because the customer wants to feel safe too. So go ahead and give your restaurant that makeover on a shoe string budget.

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