Your furniture can get very dusty and dirty over the course of a week or a few days. It is normal for your couches and scatter cushions to get dirty, it is also normal for your coffee tables and mats to get dirty and dusty because you use it a lot. You need to clean your home regularly to avoid your family and yourself from getting sick with all the germs and bacteria that come with dirt and dust. You should also keep fresh air throughout your home every day, all seasons round.

To regulate the air in your home it is good to open windows daily and to get an air purifier running for a few hours during the day. With the purifier it can help to bring the amount of dust in your home down. It is a good idea to rotate your couch cushions regularly. Because you sit on the couch most of the time it can wear the material out. Rotating it can help both sides to be used equally, this also helps keep the material stronger for longer. Rotation allows the one side of the cushion to get some rest and not become weak or torn as quickly.

Leather couches do not stain as quickly but they can tear. To clean these you can wipe them off with a damp cloth. Get a bucket of soap water and rinse your cloth in there, ring out the cloth and wipe the material. You can also spray a bit of furniture polish on a cloth and wipe the leather surface. The same can be done for coffee tables whether it is glass or wood. With wood you should make sure to keep it dry so rather wipe it down with furniture polish because when it’s wet it can leave stains behind. With glass make sure to wipe it thoroughly with the damp cloth and then follow up with a dry cloth.

Your couches can draw odours in too. To help take those odours away you can leave a bit of bicarbonate of soda on it for a few hours or overnight. Then you can vacuum it up in the morning or after a few hours. You can also just vacuum your furniture regularly to remove all the dust that seeps into it during the day and night. Taking a brush and brushing off the dust can work as well. Brushing the cushions with a soft brush is a good option too, because a hard brush will cause the material to tear after a while.

Get the cushions deep cleaned regularly. If you wash them at home you should let them dry in the sun to remove all the bacteria that forms on it. You can get them dry cleaned as well. The dry cleaners will know exactly how to get it clean from the inside out and it will smell fresh. It is important for your decor to smell fresh because it helps the rest of the house to also smell and feel fresh and welcoming. It is a good idea to spray sanitiser on the decor every week to remove the germs that try to grow in your house. You can pour an antibacterial essential oil into the air purifier as well that will help take away the germs trying form in the air.

There are so many ways you can keep your furniture clean and fresh, look into ways that are suitable for you. When your furniture starts to lose its lustre, you can have it reupholstered by furniture upholsterers to give it that new look again. Stay safe and keep your home clean.

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