With furniture upholstery you can design your own custom designed couches and all this comes with choosing your own unique colours for the couch as well. When choosing a couch colour it’s good to keep the theme and colour of your interior walls in mind. The material of the couches also limits the type of colours that can be used when designing custom furniture.

White walls cater for any colour furniture, but you need to remember to not go overboard with the colours and designs of your furniture. For a calmer and more neutral look in your living room it is a good idea to go for grey and light brown couches. Then you can dress them up with light coloured scatter cushions, this then gives your home a modern and open feel. If you have a light brown or cream coloured wall then you can add grey, light or dark brown, and white furniture.

If your living room is blue for example, it is a good idea to stay away from blue couches, because too much of one thing can be overwhelming. In this case you can probably get a cream couch and then dress it up with either a darker or lighter shade of blue scatter cushion, depending on the shade of your walls. Or you can find a colour that actually looks neutral with the shade of your walls, then you use that colour to upholster your couches and scatter cushions or even add a throw in this colour.

Light yellow brings more of a summer, bright and warm feel to your home. So if you are going for summer theme check out light yellow, orange, light grey and light blue shades of furniture. In this case the white walls are a good idea because they make the room look brighter. The sun also reflects better on a white wall.

A lot of the modern homes are now going for this particular look, where you have one side of your wall a different colour and the rest of the room is painted cream, or just a simple neutral colour. If you are going for this design it is good to put your longest couch against the wall with the popping colour, and the rest of your furniture along the other sides. For example if the one side is painted red or maroon then it’s a good idea to have dark brown suede or leather furniture against that wall. A lot of people mix and match the colour of couches that they have in their living room to jazz it up.

It is a good idea to ask your furniture upholsterer for advice on how to match the colours, before you go full on with your design. Sticking to the theme of your home from the living room throughout the house is a good idea. This becomes more welcoming to your guests but be sure to not choose a theme that will be too busy live with. A good idea is to go for a more open and spacious theme if you have a modern home. And with a vintage home aim for a more antique look throughout the home.

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