It is no secret that the restaurant industry is a very competitive one. For a restaurant to succeed it has to be interesting and offer the customers meals that are flavourful and unique. Before customers can taste your food they have to visit your restaurant first so you have to attract them to it. Atmosphere and ambiance is the first impression a client gets.

Here are a few ideas to attract customers by giving your restaurant a new look.

  • Paint the Walls. Start with a new coat of paint, preferably a new colour. You will need to decide what you want your restaurant to represent. For example, do you want it to have a modern appeal or a classic look. The colour should represent this. Modern colours would be the bold shades like burgundy or black and white. Classic shades would be beige or caramel. Perhaps you want a contemporary or artistic look so your bright shades like red, orange or yellow, would create an interesting look.
  • Change the Tables and Chairs. If the tables and chairs in your restaurant are old or don’t suit the new look you may want to get new ones. Think about what you’re trying to achieve. Wooden tables would suit the classic restaurant while steel tables are modern and stylish.
  • Reupholster the Seats. If you have built-in seats that can’t be easily changed then you could simply reupholster them. Choose a colour and fabric that enhances the look that you want to achieve. This will instantly give your restaurant a new appeal. The new furniture upholstery will make it look like new. The customers will be impressed with the new seating. This need not be expensive.
  • Change the Tiles. If your restaurant has been around for a long time then the tiles have probably had their fair share of wear and damage. Laying new tiles at the same time you are doing a complete overhaul of the restaurant is the right time to do so. Make one mess as opposed to making big changes over a period of time. You want to keep the disruption to a minimum so that you can continue with business as usual as soon as the renovations are done.
  • Add Paintings. A painting on every wall will create a relaxing ambience in the restaurant. This will help customers to relax. When they are relaxed they stay longer and may order more drinks or may add dessert to their order. The idea is to upsell to your customers so that you have more sales per customer.
  • Get New Staff Uniforms. If your staff look presentable in uniforms it creates a professional atmosphere. Customers appreciate this because they want to feel like you’re putting the effort into restaurant to please them.

The restaurant business is a tricky one and you have to stay ahead of the game by being interesting and innovative. It is also good to be attractive to customers. People like nice things and they love going to nice places. Make sure that your restaurant is one of those places that they want to visit often and come back with their friends again because it makes them feel good.