Scatter cushions add a glamorous look and feel to your living room and bedroom. Matching them can sometimes be a mini mission, because there are a lot of options to choose from. With the variety of scatter cushions you can mix and match according to your mood and themed look that you are going for with your home.

When you have plane couches it is better to go bold, colourful, and pattern scatter cushions. A plane couch is easier to dress up; the only obstacle will be matching the colours together. Pattern printed pillows give your plane couch more of a 3D effect, as well as a fun and adventurous feel. Bold colour pillows will add more personality to your room, and colourful cushions will add a fun look as well. Matching your colours also depend on the colours of your living room walls, make sure that your couch fits in with the colour of the walls.

With a bold couch it is better to go for more neutral coloured cushions. The right neutral pillow will give your bold couch a more elegant feel and make it look more homely. White cushions go well with bold colours as well; the only thing with white is that it gets dirty easily. Neutral colours can also get dirty fast, and dirt can also be seen on bold colours. In this case you will need to clean your couches and pillows regularly, or you will need to limit the amount of time and visits in this room. Dust can also easily be seen on these colours, find good tips on how to clean it regularly without damaging it.

It is easier to find scatter cushions for your bedroom. You can just buy the matching pair of pillows of the bedding, this is the easiest route. A more difficult route to with for the cushions is to be creative with the choice of pillows you use to match the bedding. You can also just buy different shapes and patters of the pillows to put on your bed, which is the same colour as your bedding. You can also play around with the shades of the colour that your bedding is, you can go from dark to light with the colours. Your bigger pillows can be dark and the smaller ones light. The more pillows you have on you bed the more glamorous it will look, but be careful to not overdo amount of pillows, because it can easily look too busy.

The same rules apply for the amount of pillows you have on your couch. If there are too many then it will be difficult to sit on the couch. You can put the amount of pillows according to the seat count of the couch. Do not overdo it, because it can cause an overwhelming feel to your home.

Make sure that you keep your cushions clean. You can upholster them regularly. Find a good upholstery company to do it for you, instead of buying new ones you can get custom upholstery done. Custom upholstery makes it easier for you to keep to the design of your home interior.

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