You are moving into your new office and it’s empty. Surely you can go down to your local office furniture store to purchase a few chairs and desk, right? Wrong. There are a couple of things that you need to take into mind as well applying some good thought processes to help maximize the space and flow.

Here is a look at a couple of deciding factors; cost, requirements, functionality, sizing, brand identity and cleanliness. As you start a new venture you will be spending some money already in other aspects of the business so keeping a close look at your budget when buying office furniture is very important, sometimes some simple shopping around can you save you a buck here and there.

What are the requirements of your furniture? How many people will be seated in the office? How long will they be seated for? Will they need lots of storage space? While it might not seem that important, these are extremely important questions you need to ask yourself and definitely a process that should not be rushed. Will your staff be office based or predominately on the road will also play a big role in the furniture you choose? If you have clients coming to your office on a regular basis you need it to be easily accessible, comfortable and appealing while maintaining a level of professionalism.

One area of office furniture that many companies tend to forget or look past is the corporate identity. Simple things like using the right kind of furniture can send a very mixed signal to a client. Here are a few examples of this, if your direct competitions logo is all red, you will steer away from using red anywhere within your office space focus more on your corporate colour, or in another instance, using brighter colours to lighten up the office space will create a more productive environment for your staff. Us as humans are easily influenced by stimuli, colour, smell and sight will be activated immediately upon entering the premises.

When it comes to storage space, one might think that the more space you have the better. This is not always true, if you have smaller offices and the majority of the space in there is being occupied by massive storage shelves or cupboards it will leave an air of claustrophobia and will not be very easy on the eye. While it might seem more cost effective to go for a cheaper chair for you and your staff to sit on, it may very well be very counterproductive. A golden rule in office chairs is never to sacrifice on comfort. The padding and upholstery are vitally important for your staff as their well-being is of high importance to you. A lovely idea would be to have your upholstery tailor made and manufactured to your specific needs.

As we said earlier, office furniture can be as easy as one two three, however there is a lot of excitement and fun to be played with when choosing your decor. You can get your current decor upholtered to your liking. Contact your nearest furniture upholstery tore for ideas.

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