Do you walk around in shoes without socks on? I thought not, so why do you have a bed without a headboard? Sounds like a silly comparison, however let me explain to you the importance of the most overlooked accessory in the bedroom. Although they are often underrated, a headboard can easily add a new layer of style to a room.

There are many benefits of headboards.

Firstly, headboards are rather stylish. It seems like an obvious thing, but one of the first things you notice when looking at a headboard is how they complement the bed as well as the bedroom. Primarily the function of headboard is to add a style that people can’t really put into words. One of the best ways to achieve this is to plan your bedding around your headboard – the bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so it’s important to make sure that all the components complement each other.

What about stubborn stains or marks on your wall above your bed line? These can easily be hidden and forgotten about with a simple headboard. This is particularly useful in rented accommodation when you can’t repaint the wall but don’t want to see it every time you’re in your bedroom.

When you having a really good sleep, some tend to drool, now there is nothing wrong with that, except most times your drill soaked pillow gets pushed up against the wall and now you have permanent staining above your bed for all to see.

The benefit of a headboard is that they are easy to clean. If you’re worried about your headboard collecting moisture, dust and skin particles while you sleep, fear not – a quick clean regularly, and the occasional deep clean, will keep it fresh and sprucy.

There is only one option after reading this, get yourself a good old headboard from furniture upholsterers Tomio Craft Upholstery.