Most of us want to add new touches to the home decor to generate a sense of freshness, renewal and change. This change can be made by changing the location of some furnishings, or adding elegant accessories to the existing furnishings. Or change the predominant colour of home decor and furniture when you decide to add a redecorate the house.

Let’s consider the colours for our spaces first. Small spaces generally need colours that create a sense of spaciousness. This can be achieved with light colours such as white, beige and yellow. With the need to stay away as much as possible from dark colours, you can replace them with light colours that give small spaces a sense of spaciousness and comfort when you are in them.

Alternatively, when you have more space, you can choose the navy blue colour, which is a somewhat dark gradient of blue. Also, many studies indicate that this colour gives a sense of calm to the house and helps you relax.

As for the colour black, this colour is not new in the world of home decor and was popular for several years, but it will be more popular in this year. Choose black and include it in home decor, whether in furniture upholstery, tables, chairs, floors and others. It definitely increases the luxury of the house and if you want to break the sharpness of this gradient, mix it with calm colours, such as white or light grey. The grey colour, previously would be layers of grey shades that overlap, but this year you can adopt it in the form of a monochrome style. In other words, make the whole room furnished in grey tones as it is a calm colour and is suitable for different seasons and you can mix it with various other colours for that pop of colour.