Most Common Vintage Upholstery Material

Vintage furniture creates an elegant and somewhat royal feel to your home. Vintage furniture can also give you and your guests a nostalgic feel, while visiting. A lot of people go all out when they design their homes. It is good to have a theme for your home, in that way all the spaces in your home will match and make sense. Vintage furniture is a fun and unique style that can be mixed, matched and used in many different ways. Bright colours, bold patterns and fun designs are all characteristics of a vintage piece of furniture.

When designing and creating a piece of vintage furniture it’s important to use the right kind of material in order to achieve the antique look you want. The most common and best types of materials to use when creating the furniture upholstery includes silk, leather, wool and velvet.

1. Silk

Silk is a really great material because it is high quality, comfortable to sit on and looks really nice too. If you’re striving for an antique look, silk would be a really good choice of material to use for all of these reasons. Silk is also a very elegant fabric making any piece of furniture you create look classy and upscale. The feel that silk has on your body is also a really pleasant sensation as it is smooth and soft but also very breathable and won’t make you feel sweaty or uncomfortable. So if it is elegance and style you are going for silk will definitely be a good choice for you.

2. Leather

Leather is another great choice of material if you’re creating an old fashion look to your piece of furniture. Leather is comfortable to the touch, very classy in appearance and can make the room look trendy yet with an antique look. The only downside to leather is that it tends to soak in the current temperature of the room so if you have it sitting in the sun, or in a dark, cool basement it might not be the most comfortable feel on your skin.

3. Wool

Wool is also a great choice of material for an old fashioned look furniture upholstery. Wool is extremely comfortable to sit on, and very cosy and warm. This would be a great material to use for furniture in a cabin or outdoor living space since it is so soft and warm. It also creates a very homey look and feel to any living space which is a staple of the vintages look.

4. Velvet

Finally, last but not least, for materials that are great to use for a vintages look is velvet. Velvet is a very uncomfortable material to wear, but on furniture it can work. It is a taught, firm material that makes for a very classy, sharp look but is soft enough to use as furniture upholstery as well. With velvet you will have a wide variety of colours to choose from and will not have a problem finding bold colours to accompany your look.

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