Business is not only about buying and selling; there’s a lot more to it. One factor that is very important to any business is the corporate image. The right image can position the business as a trustworthy and good business; one that customers want to deal with on a repeat basis. Incorporating the right type and colour of upholstery in your furniture can enhance the corporate image.

Here are a few upholstery ideas to enhance your business image.

  • Office Chairs. People use their office chairs every day and for the full duration of the work day. It’s no surprise that the material could become a bit worn out. Instead of discarding the chair, consider how it can enhance the business image. The office chair can be reupholstered with material that incorporates the logo colours so that it fits in with the corporate image. So if your logo is green and white, select a durable material that has these colours for reupholstering the office chairs. It may be a good idea to reupholster all the chairs in the office at once so that there is a sense of unity in the office.
  • Waiting Room Couches. The waiting area in the reception is usually the first part of the business that the customer will see so you have to make a very good impression here. An old raggedy couch will not create a professional atmosphere and the customer will wonder what type of company they’re really dealing with. Opt to reupholster the couch with the bolder colours in your logo. For example, if your logo is blue and yellow, choose a material that is blue. Add a few throw pillows in yellow to complete the look.
  • Ottomans. Whether it’s a square or round ottoman you can get creative with these fun seating modules. If you have a few of these around the office then reupholstering them will create a fun feeling to your corporate image, provided they are covered with a material that matches the colours in the logo. Make sure that you place the ottomans strategically in corners or in patterns for uniformity in the design appeal.
  • Benches. If you have an outdoor seating area where staff enjoy their lunch hour, you may want to consider bringing your corporate image outdoors. After all, the outdoor seating area is also part of the business so the upholstery should match that of the furniture upholstery inside the office.

When the upholstery and colours all have a strategic interior design plan behind it, it can enhance the corporate image of the business. This is integral in creating a good impression with customers. Before you tackle any upholstery project, make sure you prepare your ideas and view sample materials to ensure that you’re making the best choices before the project starts. If this is done correctly it can give the customer a sense of trust and, even, joy when dealing with your business. It is every business’s goal to build trust with a customer because this, in turn, can lead to repeat business from your customers.

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