When we talk about slip covers, we are not referring to you slipping and then trying to cover your tracks up. In fact, we are referring to something far more important and beneficial to our everyday life.

So, what are slip covers? Slip covers are a protective fitted cover made of cloth or fabric that is designed to protect the upholstery underneath it. In a modern-day analogy, they are to couch’s what Captain Americans shield is to him.

One of the most attractive features of slip covers is that they come in a wide variety of colours and fabric options and on top of that they can be removed easily for cleaning.

I think one of the biggest advantages of slip covers is the ease of cleaning available with them. Its as easy as just unzipping the cover and popping into the washing machine. This is a great feature, keeping in mind how messy our kids can be or perhaps the dogs were running in the mud outside and slipped inside and decided to dry them selves on your couch, the day you are having guests over for dinner. Quickly pop the slip cover into the wash and Voila!

Imagine having the choice of changing the colour and style of furniture just at a blink of an eye. Well having slip covers makes this wish a possibility. You can swap out the colour and fabric of your seating at any given time with this kind of couch, making it easier for adjusting with the change of seasons or your mood.

If you have a home like mine where you have a lot of traffic in it with the mixture of family, friends and the fur babies then having slip covers is like owning a golden nugget. It works out far more cheaper to replace or change a slip cover then it is to replace your couch as it is been damaged beyond repair or looks extremely outdated. Overall, slip cover styles become more cost effective over time.

When mentioning slip covers, there might be a mis conception about them. Some might think of an awkward ill fitted piece of a yesteryear catalogue. This couldn’t be any more incorrect. If you had to take a look at the options and styles available today, you will be completely blown away!

Many people have gone furniture shopping and picked something that looked brilliant, come home, fit it and it just doesn’t go with the flow of the house and does not look right. That’s where slip covers can shine, just pop on one that will change the look and feel, and you will be super delighted again!

Imagine setting up an event for a company that wants to hero the theme of Arabian nights, then having the flexibility of taking down the setup and the very next day you use the exact same furniture to create an under the sea look. Yes, this can be easily achievable with having slip covers.

From reading this, you will find many advantages of using upholstered slip covers, weather its in the office, at an event or the comfort of your own home.

Covers are not only required for protection but at times they are also needed for decorative purposes. A Chair Cover can renew the look of the chair and give it a rejuvenated life. Chair Covers are very popular for functions or weddings where you don’t want to see the everyday or standard chair. Stylish damask Chair Covers will look stunning at a wedding or Chair Covers that are the colours of your brand will look great at a corporate function. The possibilities are endless.

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