Are you tired of the old look of your restaurant, but don’t know how to incorporate your ideas into the restaurant? You need to at least update the look and feel inside your restaurant every few years. Even though you are changing the look inside you still need to keep the original idea and theme of your business.

When changing up your restaurants interior you need to keep your original plan in mind, because if you change the look drastically then your customers will get confused. When you have a vintage or modern design then you should stick to that design throughout. You can change the material of your furniture, you can change the colours of your furniture, and you can change the table and chair designs as well. With the restaurant furniture it’s good to stick with leather, vinyl, and custom fabrics. By just upholstering your furniture you still keep the original feel of your office furniture.

When changing the colour; make sure that you do not go far off with the colour change because then you will be changing your business design completely. You can go for a slightly lighter shade than the original, or you can customise your furniture. With this custom design you can incorporate two shades into one; like probably designing a custom pattern, which represents your business well, onto your furniture. You can keep you couch or chair patterns the same as the wallpaper patterns, or you can add your logo onto the chairs to give it a unique effect. You can do the same with your table cloths and tables.

Whatever patterns you have in mind for your table cloths, you can have your upholster manufacturer design your table cloths exactly the way you want them. It’s good to use a strong material for these because it can tear easily due to the customers working on them; and also by it getting washed regularly. With material table cloths you need to have a plastic one on top of it to prevent it from getting food and drink stains on it. You will also need to monitor your washing process for the material properly; so that the material does not thin out or lose colour from all the washing. Also do not use any bleach on your table cloths or on your tables or on your chairs and couches.

Instead of changing the colours, you can change the layout of your furniture in the restaurant. So if you probably had round tables you can change them to square or rectangle, whichever one will suit your space and design in the restaurant. You can change the shape of your chairs but keep the material and colour the same still. If you probably only had free standing chairs you can look into adding a few booths with couches in; this creates a more fun, relaxing and romantic feel to the restaurant. Another way to attract more customers is to add a bar section and have a few bar chairs around the bar for those who are just there to catch a quick drink.

Lay all your ideas out on paper and get to your nearest furniture manufacturer for assistance on how to incorporate all your ideas into the perfect furniture.

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