Bar stools get damaged very quick, that is a fact. A bar is a place for people to have fun and gather socially. It is also a place for people to take time out to just let go. That is why the furniture damages so quick, because it is always full in these places. It is a good idea to get upholstery done on your bar stools every year.

Most places have leather chairs, this is the most common material used in these types of places. This material can wear out just as quick as the rest especially if it is not well looked after. Getting the leather chairs upholstered instead of having to get new stools in a whole could help much more with time. Due to so many people constantly sitting on these furniture’s it wares the material out. People wear different items of clothing, therefore, a few of the clothing items tend to scratch the material. Leather does however last longer than other materials, that is why it is commonly used in restaurants that are always fully booked and extremely busy during the day.

Other places are modern in their designs and this leads to them having woven or cotton type materials on their furniture. These types of material can ruin quicker than expected. It stains quicker as well, and depending on the colour, the stains show bolder. There are usually liquids and foods that spill on the couches and chairs. Besides the stains, they can tear as well. The couches tear after a while once it has been around a few years, this does not just happen in business places but in your homes as well. Just take a look at the material of your home furniture a few years down the line.

If you have a more modern feel to your bar, it is a wise idea to have solid colour stools. These colour stools would blend well in with whatever colours you have going on in the rest of the place. With this you can use velvet material for the stools, this gives a more comfortable feeling as well. When you have a more vintage feel to your bar it is good to have leather stools. Dark leather suite better in a vintage set up and it gives a more casual feel as well.

Having chairs with backrests are a clever idea as well; because it ensures that your customers sit comfortably. If your aim is to keep the customers around for long periods of time during the day then having stools with backrests will be more welcoming. Those without backrests are normally for people who just pop in for a quick moment to let of some steam or to just have a quick rest. A lot of people pop in for a quick coffee meeting either with a potential or existing client, and in that case the backless chairs are more convenient for them because they won’t stay long.

It is good to have a bar in your restaurant where people can sit around. This could be a place for them to wait for their friends before getting a table. You should ensure that the material of the furniture ties in together, so that the bar stools and the couches and the dinner table chairs do not clash. This will then also not confuse your customers and your place will look and feel more neat and welcoming. Too many shapes and colours in one place usually is not always a good idea.

Look into having upholstery done on your furniture, this will be more easier when you change the look and feel of your bar or restaurant.

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