Have you ever noticed when walking in a house, your eyes do a top to bottom and left to right sweep. This is an instinctive function that we all do to assess our surroundings, to get a feel for the house, if you will.

Well the one thing that stands out first and makes the biggest impression is furniture. It can be anything. From couches, to side tables, or possibly a foot stool. There are materials that make an impact on the way we feel about a room.

Furniture upholstery has become such a massive market that there are experts who specifically deal with the way your furniture should be laid out to create the prefect balance and flow in your home.

So how does the average Joe go about picking furniture? Well there are many contributing factors you would need to consider. For example, if you have a lounge that doesn’t get much sun during the day you might opt for brighter colour couches or even cushions to go on them to create a more vibrant look and feel. Perhaps you have a very modern lounge that’s situated in an apartment in the city, you might find yourself choosing more metal like furniture with chrome finishing to create a business like feel to match your surroundings.

Of course, the most important factor when considering your furniture is budget. Now more than ever, with the global pandemic that is Covid-19 more people are looking at tightening the belt. This doesn’t mean that all furniture requirements go out the door, it just means your options might be limited and smarter choices are in order like reupholstery of your old furniture.

In closing, furniture is needed in all rooms, ask yourself what vibe would you like to create and work around your budget to give your home the right fitting.