Having bad furniture can cause you to lose clients, no one wants to stay at a guest house that has bad furniture. Because of all the clients that a guest house as regularly; it is a good idea to have your furniture upholstered regularly.

The bed is the first thing that can get worn out quickly. It is a good to have your mattresses deep cleaned regularly to avoid dust mites and it is simply good hygiene. The base of the bed can be upholstered when you change the aesthetic of the rooms; therefore, you can have a customised bed base that suits the room perfectly. Instead of having to buy a new base every time you make major changes to the rooms. It will help with having your bedding match the base, because you can usually see the base when the bed is made.

The headboard can get ruined quickly depending on the material. If you have a velvet headboard it can ruin if people sit with wet conditioned hair against the headboard. If you have leathered a headboard it is most likely to be ruined by guests whose kids probably scratch the headboard. The headboard helps to make the bed look bigger and enhances the feel of the room. It is better to use leather material for this item because it lasts longer and does not ruin as quick as the other items in the room. This you might only need to reupholster a few years down the line.

Your scatter cushions should always match the bedding. Instead of having to get new scatter cushions every time you can have new cushion covers made that matches the bedding; then every time you change the look of the room you will just need to change the cover of the scatter cushions. This you can customise to give the exact look and feel of the aesthetic that you planned for. You can have this done for the scatter cushions that either go on the chair or couch that you have in the rooms. The ones on the couch or chair can just complement the ones that are on the bed, it does not need to be the same. For example, you can have soft pink pillows on the couch and then have ocean printed pillows on the bed that go with the white bedding. Or however you have the room designed.

The couches get damaged quicker than the bed due to people either messing food or drinks on the couch. It also gets ruined by people not handling the couches right such as pulling it around and just putting anything on it. The same goes for the chairs in the room. It is good to monitor the look of these items regularly, you can check them every time you have the room cleaned. These you might need to be upholstered every year depending on the state that they are in. Having a couch or two chairs in the bedroom gives it a more homely and comfortable feel. And it also gives a more welcoming feel for people who maybe want a visitor over during the day while they are there for their stay.

Make sure to check the state of all the furniture you have in your rooms at the guest house. You can have them checked every time you have the room deep cleaned once guests leave. This will help you ensure that the rooms in your guest house is of good quality. And this will also ensure that your guests will keep coming back or even better, they will refer more people to your guest house. You will also have good reviews on your website for people who are looking for a place to stay.

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