Ottomans are a foot’s best friend. After a long day’s work, the last thing you want to do is make your feet more uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if you work an office job or run other like a headless chicken doing heavy lifting, you need to rest.

The best way to do that is by sitting on your favourite couch and pulling up your customized tailormade ottoman. So, what is an ottoman exactly? Well, an ottoman is a piece of furniture consisting of a padded or fully upholstered seat usually having no arms or back. Ottomans are used as a footstool and can be adapted to be used as an extra chair if you have some guests come over that were unexpected. Another great thing about ottomans is they can relieve back pain.

It’s rather interesting where they get their name from, the Ottoman Turks used them first and bingo bango jango, that’s where name came from. Ornate textiles were used as decorative features to cover footstools.

Ottomans allow you to relax in a more natural position as well. For taller people, an ottoman can help change the awkward feeling they get when they sit down. When tall people sit in a small chair, their knees do that weird thing where they get pushed up almost as high as their chin. By placing an ottoman in front of their chair, they are able to lift their feet up and sit in a more relaxed manner.

When your body is out of alignment, stress is placed on both ligaments and muscles. This can decrease blood flow through your body. Low blood flow can lead to pains in your lower extremities, numbness, weakness, and difficulty breathing. Over at Tomio Craft furniture upholstery you can get the best in the best when it comes to custom Ottomans!