Modern bedroom designs include a well structured headboard. Headboard designs have really changed over the past decade. The style and colours are deliberate to uplift and give the room a feeling of completion. Depending on the style of your room, that will determine what kind of headboard you would get.

With a lot of new decor designers coming up and a lot of the changes in room design I recent years, headboards now come in a lot of different shapes to suit you as a person and to suit the design in the room as well. The shape that you choose, whether it’s square, round, wavy, or something totally different, it should match the style and decor first and foremost. The scatter cushions and linen on the bed should not clash with the shape of the headboard. You can have a patterned headboard and pair it with a solid colour bedding, or you can have a single colour headboard in a standard shape and change your bedding with fun designs when you feel like it.

A headboard should make laying or sitting in bed a comfortable time. When you sit up in bed you can rest your back and head on there instead of having to sit up against the wall. It will then automatically act as a cushion for you to sit comfortably against. When you want to watch a movie in bed it is quite joyful to be able to sit in bed against a comfortable headboard with your tub of popcorn and drink. It’s also great for binge watching your favourite series. This is also a romantic setting for a couple as well, especially when you serve your partner breakfast in bed; they can sit comfortably against the headboard while eating breakfast in bed. Be sure to eat over the tray because it is not good to mess crumbs in the bed.

A headboard also ensures that your wall is protected. It will prevent staining the wall with oily or coloured hair especially if you have a white wall that will show off those stains vividly. There are other things like colourful clothing that can also cause staining on the wall if you lean against it often.

Depending on the material it is upholstered with it can be easy to clean. If it is leather or faux leather you can wipe it off with a damp soap cloth and if it is velvet you can vacuum all the dust of it. Also if there is a stain on it you can research how to clean that specific material and then go that route when cleaning it.

A headboard is the ultimate bedroom accessory and you can have a furniture manufacturer make one for you just the way you envision it. It enhances the style and space of your room as well. It makes your room feel bigger and makes the bed look a bit smaller than it is, which will in turn make it feel like the room is bigger. It also creates a comfortable feel to the style of your room, it makes it feel more welcoming to go to bed at night when you see that beautiful headboard behind the bed. Your room even looks more comfortable when you have night stands next to the bed as well. You can also have specific lights designed to hang over your headboard so you can read in bed at night, but it should be big and the light should be small so that the light does not hang close to you.

There are many different ways you can design and upholster a headboard for your bedroom. It’s up to you and your furniture upholsterer when it comes to the details in getting it done.

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